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This is a true story and goes back about a year ago when I was geting no response to my ad, if I have two responses from the first day girl who is disappointed seemed interested. a girl who lived literally 5 minutes seemed promising, but changed his mind at the last minute. the other was a girl from North Wales who called himself Ali. said in its response that it was hqvid for fun, not as they had done with an old man and I was really gagging to be fucked. After exchanging photos and answer the phone and seemed very well together. she told me there were a few others willing to comply with, but I was happy to be with me all I wanted to catch up. They also told me to fuck in the ass, because this was something I enjoyed in the past and that I wanted, I said I'd like to help, and organized a meeting for next week in a hotel is essential for both. We built in chat and finally the confidentialityI t was not timewaster, and when the day finally arrived, I can not wait to get there. I had the disadvantage of a work session to go on the road, but once this was done I hqvid went to the hotel. she told me via text message about the room number and went straight there on arrival bypassing the bar, and the need for strong drink. ot kock on the door and rolled her eyes at each other for the first time, was very similar for the image he had seen ( he told me he had taken recently) with the exception of a different hairstyle. We were introduced and talked for 15 minutes with a drink and laughed a lot when I say damned if, if I took a shower like-minded demand. I had already taken a shower before leaving, but I wanted to show it was clean and I hqvid noticed the wet towels on the top, but also had in recently, so I also wanted to feel fresh. When I left I was back in just my shorts, but I was thinking about how hard it was coming, and she was LYIng in bed, dressed all in black, opened the top button of a blouse, a skirt with knee socks. I lay down beside her and started kissing, which was really good, with a slow scan of the tongue, which I find very exciting kiss. after locking tongues rubbed my hands moved to her breasts and slowly each of her blouse, she let out a slight moan was so II did the right thing, and so on, to open the buttons of her blouse exposing a good bra black mount. I reached around and undistorted, and saw her breasts for the first time were small, but very well formed and I leaned forward and took a nipple in the mouth while playing with others. After a minute or two I switched to the other breast and sucking with my free hand I started working my way up her cunt. was very hot and after inserting your finger in it, it was very wet and I decided at once that he had to try. We swapped places and hqvid I would give, then I pushed her skirtd peeled her panties down and then shut down. Now he was looking at her pussy, it was dark and hairy, but well designed and looked very tidy and without further ado, I opened my mouth and put my own at the entrance of her pussy and began licking the juices of the rafts. I knew very well, very clean, but with the unmistakable aroma pussy that all kids love. soon she had worked my tongue to her clitoris and licked the same vehemence, while the finger of his shit, and then began to feel uncomfortable. I hqvid asked him what was happening and she told me she worked in construction until his encounter with overime new vibrator, now in a very sore and I was asked to go without problems. I agreed and got the finger, but continued eating her pussy, which I have no complaints. then she reached down and, for the first time began to stroke my cock was already out of the top of the pants and was soaked in pre cuMeters do not worry this is Ali hqvid and led directly to my mouth and deep moreorless in the back of my throat. when she did her ass was in front of me, so I got into a position where her pussy on my face was so that I could 69 that we use for about 5 minutes, at which time I had just cum, so she says he hqvid stopped and took a condom that has been placed on the page. I opened it and rolled it over my shaft and I asked him when I get on my back. She grabbed my hard cock and slid my pole until he was deep in it, drive it begin with me while I was playing was her clitoris and she started to moan, shows savoring the moment, but I soon began to hurt said, because the same reason as before, so I went back and asked if she still likes the ass to be fucked she said ' oh yes, please. ' ot out of her pussy and took the oil lubricated and inserted my finger her ass deeppared for her, what was to hqvid come get me. Then they lined up my cock with her ass and told him to turn back - to control the input speed and also reduce the initial pain of the entry. they did and the feeling of a cock shot as he did was amazing. her ass was tight and was reallt good size. I rubbed my cheeks, while controlling the entrance and was so soft and smooth and I liked hqvid how it looked. Finally, I was deep inside her and after she asked me hqvid to wait and raised her ass and then asked me to hell, what I did. I must admit that throughout he had wanted to get this stage since very minimal anal experience had to be, finally, the bottom of her ass was a dream come true. I started to speed up my pace as it did also, and seemed to have all the time just, shorter than the two began moreorless cum at the same time, and ended with my firing of four fifty-six sperm -pressure water jets from the condom is that with my stiff cock deep in its hole. for a break, we talked a little before having'one seemed receptive to the street, ' her pussy this time and we were able, without too much trouble hqvid for his part, after that when I'm ready to go home before lost my shit back ( he was aware before the meeting). I had mentioned that I have a hqvid friend hqvid who would be interested hqvid in joining us and she was hqvid interested in a threesome. I said yes, because they feel comfortable with me and arranged for a later date. happened, but it was not too good, for one reason or another, and I've hardly heard of his mind, but just want to say, Ali ( or *****, thanks to its real name) for a wonderful sexual experience with a very sexy woman.
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